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Home for elderly people

Contact details:

House no. & street: 2 Damjanich utca
Postal code & town: 3400 Mezőkövesd
Country: Hungary


Telephone number: 36/30/653-01-71
Mobil: 30/653-0171
Tel: 06-49/411-408
Fax: 06-49/411-408

Mezőkövesd Care Foundation

House no. & street: 56 Alma út,
Postal code & town 3400 Mezőkövesd
Country: Hungary
Telephone number:

Building location:

The home for elderly people is located behind the grammar school, opposite the students' hostel not far from the main road in the town center of Mezőkövesd, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, Hungary.
It was established in 2006.
It provides accommodation for 70 people
It offers long stay accommodation.
The Home is a three-storey building with a lift in the hotel wing and a kitchen. The rooms are 15-25 m2 with en-suite facilities. There are single, double and three- bedded rooms.
The Home has a courtyard and a park.


There are two car parks. One is behind the building; the other with disabled spaces is in front of the building.
The building is accessible to people who make use of wheelchairs.

Terms of contract:

Residents will have to undergo special medical examination before they move in the Home so that the manager can exclude infectious diseases which may threaten other residents.

The services include:

provision of regular medical care by the doctor in contract with the Home, medical consultant and hospital care if needed;
nurses are available on a 24 hour basis;
full 24 hour care is provided in a special wing;
prescription of medicine by the doctor (medicine is provided free of charge under the provision of law); provision of therapeutical equipment on the advice of the doctor, free provision of the equipment listed in the annex;
mental hygiene care;
therapeutic gymnastics on the advice of the doctor;
availability of a psychologist;
cleaning facilities, provision with cleaning things including shampoos, soaps, toothpastes, toilet paper and bin bags;
facilities for personal laundry;
clothes if needed;
safe deposit and funds management;
cultural programs
organization of free time activities meeting the needs;
provision of legal and other assistance and arrangement of residents' affairs;
arrangement of funerals agreed beforehand
Services against payment include:
hairdresser's services;
manicure & pedicure;
telephone calls made from the Home;
accommodation and meals for visitors;
the use of the Home's car on request


Residents are provided with meals three times a day - even dietary if needed. The main meal of the day is lunch, when hot meal is provided.
Meals are served in the common restaurant, but if the health condition of the resident requires it is served in his suit.

Receiving visitors:

Residents are allowed to receive relatives on the grounds of the Home without any restrictions under the regulations for residents.

Resident category:

The Home accepts old age pensioners who are not able to take care of themselves or require constant care, do not suffer from a psychological disease or any kind of addiction and do not require regular hospital care.

The provider allows accommodating personal belongings and small items of furniture (e.g. a TV, a bookshelf, an armchair, etc.)

The resident takes cognizance that as far as accommodation is concerned he has no ownership in it, cannot assign the right of use and enjoyment to anybody and it cannot be inherited either.

Mezőkövesd - the heart of Matyóland - is a town between Budapest and Miskolc, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, Northern Region, at the southern foot of the Bükk (Bleech) mountains, at the meeting point of the Great Hungarian Plain and the North Central-Mountains.

The town has a population of about 18 000 people. Its cultural traditions, the great variety of cultural events, local exhibitions, fairs and sights, the thermal bath of Zsóry, its vicinity and Eger attracts visitors and ensures both tourists and local inhabitants a pleasant holiday and past time activities.

Mezőkövesd lies 130 km away from Budapest (M3), 40 km away from Miskolc (M3) and 20 km from Eger.


By road
The M3 Highway is only 1.6 km away from the town. The main road 3 goes through the town.

By rail:
The town has a railway station. The trains going from Budapest to Miskolc and Kosice stop there.

Mezőkövesd doesn't have an international airport; the nearest ones are in Budapest and Debrecen.

Zsóry Thermal Bath

It is the largest and the most frequently visited thermal bath in the Northern Hungary.

Address: 1 Napfürdő út, 3400 Mezőkövesd, Hungary
Telephone number: 00-36-49/412 844
00-36-49/500 264
Web site:


Zsóry Gyógyfürdő


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